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Patriot Series harness all of the features you have come to expect in a workhorse, reliable LED sign. Our signs are built to run around the clock every day of the year. Patriot Series is packed full of features for clients with small budgets that are not willing to sacrifice value or quality.

Quick Install

Cost Reducing Design & Construction

Dynamics Patriot Series was designed specifically to perform no matter what we threw at it. Extreme temperatures, inconsistent power surges and physical abuse were just a handful of challenges our LED displays had to endure to eventually earn the PATRIOT name.


Small Business Entry Level

Patriot Series meets the demands of businesses who want a small to medium sized LED screen with a powerful kick built inside a smaller frame. It can showcase text, images, and videos. The software allows the user to divide the screen into as many sections as needed and have different input sources for each section.


Revolutionary Processing

Next to offering outstanding image quality, the Patriot also comes with the revolutionary  cloud image processing platform. Cloud based software offer improved pixel bandwidth performance, and combines this with full online based monitoring, control and automated diagnostics.


Key benefits

  • teeth2-1 Patriot SeriesLow Cost Investment With Lasting Return
  • Compact, Lightweight Cabinet Construction

  • Noise Free UL Listed Power Supplies

  • High Luminance Adjustable Up To 10,000 Nits

  • Patented Modular Design Means There Are No Size Constraints

  • Easy Install And Quick Operation


Custom Inquiry

There are many options when it comes to choosing the right type of LED Sign.

Our Dynamic LED Sign consultants will help narrow down the model and series that is right for your budget.

patriot Patriot Series

Quick Install

Our LED signs come ready to go with everything you need. They are lightweight, weatherproof and already assembled. They come with an instruction manual, mounting brackets and communication equipment configured. You can attach the brackets to anywhere on the top or the bottom of the sign. You can hang it yourself or use a local sign company. Just plug it in a regular 110 volt electric outlet.

They’re simple to operate.

Patriot Specification

LED-DIAGRAM-P16-1-300x300 Patriot Series

Dynamic P16 Spec

Icon_22-512 Patriot Series


Synchronous Controller 256 Mb Onboard

Time Date and Temperature Capable

Scheduling & Programmic Messaging

Auto Dim/Manual Adjustment Brightness

Free Firmware Updates For Life

Usage Scenario

Patriot Series can be used in a wide variety of locations and industries. Best suited for Foundational and On the Wall Installations. Where traffic flow will be within 180 ft.


5 Year Limited Warranty

UL Listed & Certified

Meanwell Power Supply Units

100,000 Hours LED Lifespan

48 Hour Service Response

The Bottom Line

Entry Level Economical Solution For Small Businesses Looking For Electronic Message Centers That Offer Features Found In High Quality Full Color Signs.

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  • 5 Year Warranty
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