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Prodigy Elite Series represent the pinnacle of engineering and development. Self aware diagnostics, Cloud Messaging, Screen Grab current playing program, Smartphone And Tablet ready,. Prodigy Series are built with innovation and your future in mind.


Dynamic’s Prodigy Elite Series unique design eliminates the need for a custom-calibrated secondary steel structure which is required for conventional tile-based LED screens. Built on self-supporting and scalable cabinets, it is directly fastened onto the main attachment points, which significantly cuts the cost of installation and the steel structure.


Corporate Level Professional Solution

Dynamic LED specializes in providing the perfect full color outdoor option for businesses of any size. We are experts in the field of securing building permits and accommodating clients that must adhere to local zoning ordinances.

Compared to common LED displays, Dynamic Prodigy Elite has lowest power consumption and offer more energy saving than traditional LED Screens. Prodigy Elite screens are comprised of high quality LED diodes that are rated at 100,000 hours and maintain their vibrancy over the years.

All Prodigy Elite signs are assembled and monitored by our technicians; our network of dedicated engineers are trained to ensure your system is installed, maintained and repaired to optimal standards. Each Prodigy Elite Sign is a technologically advanced solution uniquely created for your service. From proposal to post-sale technical support, Prodigy Elite will meet the demand now and into the future.


Plug And Play Operation

Dynamic LED cabinets are constructed of extruded aluminum. Your LED display sign cabinet is tested for water, fog, salt, and humidity, to withstand low -20 F and high temperatures 170F, and for vibration to ensure proper solder joints. Your sign consists of weatherproof panels with super bright, full-color display LEDs. All signs arrives with a 5 Point Quality Inspection and complete set of instruction in plain English brochures.



Key Benefits

heri-252x300 Prodigy Elite

  • Bright Image Quality And Wide Viewing Angles

  • Flexibility To Customize To Your Specifications

  • Superior Resolution And Screen Clarity

  • LED Signs Drives Traffic To You & Your Website

  • High Impact Signage At Economical Pricing

  • We Offer Research, Design, Manufacturing, Sales & Support After The Sale

Custom Inquiry

There are many options when it comes to choosing the right type of LED Sign.

Our Dynamic LED Sign consultants will help narrow down the model and series that is right for your budget.

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Professional Installation

Our LED signs come ready to go with everything you need. They are lightweight, weatherproof and already assembled. They come with an instruction manual, mounting brackets and communication equipment configured. You can attach the brackets to anywhere on the top or the bottom of the sign. You can hang it yourself or use a local sign company. Just plug it in a regular 110 volt electric outlet.

They’re simple to operate.


LED-DIAGRAM-P10-300x300 Prodigy Elite

Dynamic P10 Spec

Icon_22-512-150x150 Prodigy Elite


Cloud Messaging with 1 Gig Memory

See Whats Playing Screen Grab

Optimum High Definition Video Playback

Tablet And Smart Phone Ready Software

24/7 Online Diagnostic Reporting Cards

Usage & Scenario

Elite Series can be used in a wide variety of corporate and industrial locations. Suited for Installations of all types. Excellent Viewing Distance for presentation of any media.


5 Year Limited Warranty

UL Listed & Certified

Meanwell Power Supply Units

100,000 Hours LED Lifespan

48 Hour Service Response

The Bottom Line

Professional Solution For Corporate and Mid Size Business Considering Advertising their Products, Promotions, Specials, Or Discounts With a reliable all weather LED sign.

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Dynamic LED Sign

Leaders In The Industry

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Year Warranty

UL Listed

Certified UL Power Units

1 Week Lead Time

Shortest Industry Lead Time

4G Communications

Fast And Reliable Communications

Designed In USA

The Best Research And Development

bg4 Prodigy Elite


Mobile Friendly

Tablet Or Smart Phone Ready


1 Gig Media Storage

Take A Screenshot
Of Whats Playing On Screen

Update Your Message Center
From Anywhere On The Globe

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live video

many new

feature-responsive Prodigy Elitefeature-layers Prodigy Elitefeature-mobile Prodigy Elitefeature-options Prodigy Elitefeature-performance Prodigy Elitefeature-slideshow Prodigy Elitefeature-youtube Prodigy Elitefeature-vimeo Prodigy Elitefeature-html5 Prodigy Elitefeature-ios Prodigy Elitefeature-android Prodigy Elitefeature-wordpress Prodigy Elite
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Dynamic Layers

3D Messages

slide-b-1 Prodigy Eliteslide-b-2 Prodigy Eliteslide-b-3 Prodigy Eliteslide-b-4 Prodigy Eliteslide-b-5 Prodigy Elite

All New
Creative Ability

Possibilities Are Endless

send messages from any computer

bg51 Prodigy Elitebg31 Prodigy Elite

embedding videos?

youtube-color Prodigy Elitevimeo-color Prodigy Elitehtml5-color Prodigy Elite



video + audio



bg6b Prodigy Elitecircle Prodigy Elitecircle Prodigy Elite




much more! create


with no compromises!

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