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Prodigy Series reflect an economical approach at a feature driven solution for medium sized businesses to take advantage of the visual clarity found in the Elite Series of signs while maintaining entry level pricing.


Dynamic’s Prodigy Series LED Message Centers offers exceptional quality, attention to detail, and ease of use for clients. We are able to design the Prodigy Series cabinets to various specifications to fit your unique needs. Built with excellent protective functions which include no-load protection, short circuit protection, over current, and overheat protection, your Prodigy Series LED will last for years and deliver uninterrupted performance.


Medium To Mid Size Business

Our most popular LED model for the typical retail business. Most of the LED Signs you see in stores around your neighborhood are Dynamic LED Sign models or similar. Not everyone can have fancy industrial Billboard type LED Screens; whether due to lack of space, budget or simply not needing it. The Prodigy Series is essentially the perfect advertising solution for small to medium sized business locations. It also provides the most selection for the diverse size requests and install locations.


Key Benefits

PS3_marathon Prodigy Series

  • Super Bright Display With  Anti Glare Louvres

  • Color Consistency Eliminates Mosaic Effect

  • IP65 Protection For All Environments

  • Withstands Low -20 F And High Temps 170F

  • Synchronous Or Asynchronous Software Card

  • Plug And Play Operation Factory Certified

  • Web-Based Monitoring Diagnostic & Control

Custom Inquiry

There are many options when it comes to choosing the right type of LED Sign.

Our Dynamic LED Sign consultants will help narrow down the model and series that is right for your budget.

prodigy Prodigy Series

Easy Install

Our LED signs come ready to go with everything you need. They are lightweight, weatherproof and already assembled. They come with an instruction manual, mounting brackets and communication equipment configured. You can attach the brackets to anywhere on the top or the bottom of the sign. You can hang it yourself or use a local sign company. Just plug it in a regular 110 volt electric outlet.

They’re simple to operate.

Prodigy Series Specification

LED-DIAGRAM-P12-300x300 Prodigy Series

Dynamic P12 Spec

Icon_22-512-150x150 Prodigy Series


Borderless Display for large viewing area

Streaming Video Capture And Display

Server Based Messaging

Remote Connection For Technical Support

Free Software & Firmware Updates

Usage Scenario

Prodigy Series can be used in a wide variety of locations and industries. Best suited for Single Pole and Double Pole Installations. Where traffic flow will be within 50 ft.


5 Year Warranty

IP 65 Rating For Protection Year Round

Onboard Diagnostic Sensors and Alarms

UL Listed Internal Components

100,000 Hour Rated LED diodes

The Bottom Line

Economic Solution For Mid Size Business Considering Advertising Products, Promotions, Specials, Or Discounts With Electronic Message Centers.


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  • 5 Year Warranty
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